Monday, 23 November 2015

-Music Videos on my Mind- Car Seat Headrest's "Something Soon"

The title of Car Seat Headrest is a self-contrived moniker of Virginian alternative singer Will Toledo due to the fact his antecedent musical venturing came about as a result of him singing and recording material in the family car. Toledo, an admittedly shy geezer, developed his musical beginnings in his old man’s automobile because it was both warm and private, thus ensuring his parents couldn’t hear his vocals or his highly confessional lyrical meanderings. 
Toledo has been recording since he was a teenager, though he has now issued his first LP through Matador after the label checked out his previous eleven albums that were self-released via Bandcamp. Toledo, though, remains only a sprightly 22-years-old, which means he is at once seasoned (that’s eleven albums so far) yet also fresh enough to the vast majority of listeners that he is understandably considered a new artist. 
Car Seat Headrest now comprises of more band members than just Toledo, and their new album Teens of Style consists of a re-recorded and rearranged material from the singer’s previous three albums. But what registers most strongly is Toledo’s heavy baritone vocals, grounding the music with a signature style and powerful emotional force. It’s hard to ignore.

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