Saturday, 28 November 2015

-Music Videos on my Mind- Man Made's "Bring Some"

Man Made, a new band from Manchester, England, deserve good things to come their way. One says this because Nile Marr, frontman and chief songwriter, comes across as exactly the type of musician you like and feel an affinity with. He spent his teens growing up in the Pacific Northwest of America yet still speaks with an unaffected Mancunian accent. He attests to spending much of is youth trying to figure out how to be cool because it never came easy, even declaring he recruited band member Callum Rodgers because “he looked cool”. Furthermore, Marr isn’t ashamed to say that he wants to make alternative pop music rife with guitars and chord changes, but heavily steeped in pleasing melody. 
Also, Marr is the 24-year-old son of none other than former Smiths’ member Johnny Marr. It ought to be clarified that this familial connection was only brought to this blogger’s attention 6 weeks after first hearing and verily liking Bring Some, which means Man Made is a band that is worthwhile on its own terms and not just because the lead singer’s old man is a UK legend. 
Man Made seem quintessentially British indie, stylistically throwing in reams of ‘70s glam rock and androgynous fashion, yet seeming very much a modern band that appeals to the kids of now. Marr has openly stated that he believes the age of the rock star has “completely gone," though, if it is to remain relevant, then it’ll be bands like Man Made who'll ensure it. 

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