Sunday, 1 November 2015

-Music Videos on my Mind- Golden Rules' "It's Over"

It’s the way things work nowadays, Forest Hill in south London-based producer Paul White, who has up to now engineered stuff for Charli XCX, took a professional curiosity in Floridian rapper Eric Biddines’ 2014 album planetcoffeebean2, and took the initiative to post the latter some of his beats to check if the two had any simpatico sonic symbiosis. 
There was, and what resulted is titled Golden Rules, a hip-hop collective issuing introspectively contemplative rhymes anchored with rhythms designed to make people dance. Judging by It’s Over, one concurs they, on this track at least, have produced a rollicking piece that will transcend preconceived limitations that bracket such urban fodder solely to specialist radio stations. It’s Over is way too credible and expertly optimised to be restricted to niche labels, especially here in the UK. It’s Over is a genuine transatlantic success.

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