Wednesday, 11 November 2015

-Music Videos on my Mind- Dan Croll's "One of Us"

The biggest surprise when listening to Dan Croll’s new single One of Us is that the singer is not an American. In fact, Croll is an Englishman—and not just any Englishman, the geezer is a scouser. He literally is, one of us (as long as you’re from Liverpool, that is). 
To backtrack, the reason why this track surprises is because of its gloriously catchy US indie college radio vibe that harks back to the sounds of Weezer and Sloan; bands that had more relevance to ‘90s pop culture than music of today. The music video even seeks to replicate the aesthetics of MTV back then, intact with 4:3 aspect ratio, fast speed film stock, and bullet time depth enhanced simulation that was all the rage in those days. One of Us is equally homage as  it is a statement of not liking the homogeneity of contemporary pop music. A sentiment that many may echo.

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